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With each Kids’ Book Box you purchase from Young Dorothy, you’re not only fostering a love of reading in your child but also supporting a meaningful cause. Our boxes often include carefully selected preloved books, embracing sustainability and the joy of shared stories.

A portion of our sales benefits the Read2Achieve Foundation’s Alpabasa program, which is dedicated to improving literacy among underprivileged children. By choosing Young Dorothy, you join us in our commitment to nurturing a nation of readers, one book at a time.

Step Away from Screens, into a World of Books

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Every Young Dorothy Book Box is a unique collection, thoughtfully assembled based on your child’s age, reading level, and interests.

We include a variety of books – from educational to fun reads, picture books to story books, as well as Filipino and English books, depending on your preferences. Boosters (toys or puzzles), a parent guide, and digital resources are also included as a bonus to enhance the reading experience.

Some boxes might feature preloved books as part of our Books for a Cause program with Read2Achieve, supporting children’s literacy.

Rest assured, each book and add-on is chosen to be perfectly appropriate and enjoyable for your child.

Yes, definitely. In the Personalization Form, make sure to select this option. If selected, we’ll send you a curated book list based on your child’s profile before ship out. You’ll have the opportunity to review and approve this selection, guaranteeing a personalized reading experience.

  • Placing an order is simple:
    1. Visit the product page.
    2. Click “Add to Cart” and select the number of boxes, or use the “Buy Now” option for immediate purchase.
    3. Complete the checkout process with your preferred payment method.
    4. You’ll then be directed to fill out the Personalization Form for your child’s reading profile.
    5. Depending on your preference, you may receive a list of books for approval before ship out. If you did not opt for the review option, or if no response is received within 24 hours, books will be shipped out right away.

We accept a range of secure payment methods including credit/debit cards, online banking, and mobile payments. Payments are made directly on our website for a safe and easy transaction.

Orders are shipped out within 1-5 working days, and will arrive at your doorstep within 1-2 days after (depending on the courier). If you selected the option to approve books before ship out, the process may take longer.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee exact delivery date per customer. But rest assured we will make sure to get your boxes to you within the specified timeline.

Yes. Upon checkout, just make sure to check “Deliver to a different address?” and indicate that it’s a gift under notes section.

Also be sure to input your details under “Billing details” and the recipient’s details under “Delivery.”

Absolutely! Place your order for the desired number of boxes, and you can input details for all the children in one consolidated Personalization Form. This makes it easy to cater to each child’s unique reading preferences.

For any concerns or assistance, feel free to reach out to us at, message us on Facebook at, or contact us on Instagram @youngdorothy.books.

From educational books to story books, we gotchu! Let your kids take an adventure away from the screens. Give the gift of fun and learning in a Yellow Box. 🎁

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